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One-on-one, whole person guidance–from lifestyle to thought process, we will work together to raise your vibration and elevate your entire life. Are you ready to live with purpose and intentionally create your life? You can do it, and I can help you get there faster!

Your path is unique to you—are you ready for what’s next? Get excited! Your life can be bigger, better, and more fun than you can even imagine.

Free initial 20-minute consultation—to see if we’re a good match!

Six-Month CommitmentIncludes:

  • 15 two-hour personalized sessions -A combination of Reiki, breathwork, and health and wellness guidance. A Holistic wellness revamp: nothing left uncovered, from sex to groceries. Pantry cleanouts and grocery shopping, eating for optimal gut health, ramping up your sexuality, meditation hygiene, and thought replacement strategies to help you create the life you’ve dreamed about.
  • One copy of The Manifester’s Playbook.
  • Exclusive worksheets to help you incorporate the ideas and concepts presented in the book.

Six-Month Commitment: $4,500.00

Start Your Journey

ReikiJapanese Palm Healing

We’ll start with a short conversation to discuss the expectations of the session. Once you’re on the table, your heart and soul lead the way. You intuitively know what’s needed, and you’ll call it forward for yourself. Reiki is a hands-on treatment; I’ll be placing my hands in various positions on your body. You may feel the heat from my hands as we go through the session. Energy is not pushed or forced from my hands; it’s drawn through them by you. You heal your own body by allowing energy to flow freely. I am simply a conduit for universal energy.

Reiki is a gentle, relaxing, and profoundly healing practice. After the session, I’ll be happy to show you a few hand placements you can do yourself at home. Reiki is effective and meditative, come and see what you think for yourself!

60 Minutes: $150.00

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Guided BreathworkMeditative Breathing

I'm offering to guide you on this meditative journey where you'll be encouraged to clear old wounds and trauma from your body. I'll invite you to breathe deeply, moving your breath energetically and in a circular rhythm. The emotional release from this practice can be powerful and transformative. Rest assured that you're in control of the process. Nothing will come up that you aren't ready to handle.

I will donate a percentage of the proceeds from these sessions to Choose Love has raised millions to support refugees and created a movement of people putting love into action worldwide.

We can heal ourselves and help others at the same time! Join the movement!

90-Minute Guided Breathwork Session: $150.00

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