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The Magic of Little Bee

Watch the video to meet Little Bee and her friends!

Meet the Characters!

Determined, helpful and kind. Little Bee is magic. Her best trick is pollination. She lives in a hive with her family on a big old oak tree. Her favorite things to do are pollinating and taking a nap in a poppy.

Sweet, smart and funny. Little Joe loves to laugh and play. She lives with her family and Kitty the Cat in a white house with a pond in the backyard. Her favorite days are spent running through fields and hopping fences with her best friends, the Fabulous Three.

Fierce, adventurous and a hard worker. Fred (Frederica) makes the impossible possible. She lives with her giant family in underground tunnels near Little Bee’s hive. She enjoys picnics and making sandcastles.

Curious, funny and loyal. Kitty’s superpower is kindness. She lives with Little Joe in a house next to the oak tree where Little Bee and Fred live. Kitty loves purring and climbing trees.


Hear What People Have To Say


Read What People Have To Say

It's always a pleasure to discover a children's book that captivates the reader in beautifully imaginative ways while acting as a launchpad for learning. In "The Magic of Little Bee," the author, Julie Heaton, has done just that. With gorgeously bright, full-page illustrations by Caroline Dittmann, the author weaves a "beelightful" story highlighting the adventures and positive attributes of the "Fabulous Three": Fred the Ant, Kitty the Cat, and of course, Little Bee!

We are led through an outdoor adventure following the path of Little Bee while the author uses a light hand in her message of caring for the earth and all its precious inhabitants. Children of every age are encouraged to be interactive. The youngest readers can sing along with the rhyming verse, tracing the dotted path of Little Bee through the garden. Older readers will learn the more advanced lessons from "Fred's Glossary of Big Words" and "Fun Little Bee Facts" at the back of the book. Finally, all ages can take part in preparing a delightful and healthy honey-inspired snack using a recipe from the final pages.

As a parent and avid collector of children's books, I loved this tender story imparting such positive messaging via the fun-loving escapades of The Fabulous Three. Unique in its charm and captivating characters, this book is undoubtedly one to enrich our children's minds while encouraging their imaginations to blossom!

— Christine Means

This clever book is as delightful as it is important—what a way to educate children about bees and how the earth needs them. My son loves it so. The cadence of the writing is perfect for children and paired with colorful and friendly illustrations. It makes for a wonderful read...over and over again in my home. I am so happy we discovered this book!

— Rachel Kaminek

The Adventures of the Fabulous Three ft. the Magic of the Little Bee teaches how to be gentle and kind while also educating about the world we live in. It even has a glossary and snack recipe at the end, which makes it so full of fun! Not to mention, the artwork is adorable. I can't wait to see what else the Fabulous Three can do!

— Gianna Yannone

The Magic of Little Bee offers a glimpse into nature and fun facts about bees and their important part in our ecosystem. This short and topical journey is full of educational and aspirational ideas for your little conservationists.

— Max

We love this unique and adorable children's book, teaching the importance of bees and respecting one another. A perfect balance of education and fun!

— Paige Kerth

My daughter loves Little Bee and chooses this book to read again and again. She said it's her favorite! She explained to me where they all lived and showed me the pictures.

— Shelby

I think every child throughout the world should have this book to ensure the bees stay alive and thrive.

— Lu Catino

This book is absolutely adorable and so engaging! It contains a lovely combination of silliness, sweetness, and valuable content that will help my four-year-old cultivate a love for nature. It's been in heavy rotation since we received it and we adore the musical, rhythmic words when we read together. Given the bright, aesthetically pleasing illustrations, I have a feeling my newborn will love it as well. I highly recommend this book for little ones of all ages!

— Sarah Mays-Sutor

An authentic children's book for our time. It will appeal to a young audience, or any family of mindful readers and storytellers. A fresh, relevant story, this is the right narrative to be telling now! The Magic of Little Bee is a bright and engaging book of life lessons we can all take to heart.

— Hailey Means

I like that this book is all about bees. It tells you that bees don’t want to sting you.

- Emmeline, age 6

— Emmeline

Age 6

This book makes me happy because now I know not to be afraid of bees. Bees just pollinate to make the world beautiful

— Genna Shaw

Age 6

I love the colors and illustrations in the book, it was a joy to read with my daughter. I love animals and bees, so I appreciate books that share a simple and cute story about what bees do for us

— Malina Shaw

I like this book because the pictures are cute and fun. It teaches you to care for bees. I give it a 5 out of 5 smiling faces!

— Violet

Age 7

My favorite parts are Fred and Little Bee, and that there is a recipe for cookies at the end.

— Rhett

Age 4