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Meet the Characters!

Little Bee Little Bee Little Bee

Determined, helpful and kind. Little Bee is magic. Her best trick is pollination. She lives in a hive with her family on a big old oak tree. Her favorite things to do are pollinating and taking a nap in a poppy.

Hector the Hedgehog Hector the Hedgehog Hector the Hedgehog

Expressive, eager and groovy. Hector feels all the feels. Hector lives in a cozy nest close to Little Bee’s hive and enjoys gardening and being silly.

Fred the Ant Fred the Ant Fred the Ant

Fierce, adventurous and a hard worker. Fred (Frederica) makes the impossible possible. She lives with her giant family in underground tunnels near Little Bee’s hive. She enjoys picnics and making sandcastles.

Kitty the Cat Kitty the Cat Kitty the Cat

Curious, funny and loyal. Kitty’s superpower is kindness. She lives with Little Joe in a house next to the oak tree where Little Bee and Fred live. Kitty loves purring and climbing trees.