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More About My Book

The Manifester’s Playbook is the first in a series of self-love guidebooks I’m writing. It’s my notes on the steps I took (and am taking) to live in my truth. We’re all manifesting with every thought, feeling, and action. Learn to take control of the process from a place of self-love, compassion, and purpose. Discover how to ignite your heart’s desire, love yourself more, and live the life that’s waiting for you to claim it.


Hear What People Have To Say

"The Manifester's Playbook" motivated me to do something I've been thinking about for more than a decade - construct a vision board and provide an illustrated hard copy of some of my deepest dreams. I am truly benefiting from these daily "reminders." This book drives home the fact that I have permission to stretch for the things I secretly desire that are out of my reach and out of my comfort zone.

— Ellen Dowd

I truly enjoyed this book! To me, it's the sweetest journey to self-love.

— Stacy Borowsky

When I read the part about hating your job and feeling that it's toxic, it struck me. I'm in that place in my life right now, and this book resonates with me.

— Veronica Rouette

I thought I was so good and honest. I especially liked that the stories about her own experiences to highlight the tools introduced. I tend to believe that manifestation is very real and that it is available to certain (not all) populations who have the amazing privilege/gift of having basic needs met and who are able to focus more intentionally on higher level needs ("Maslow's hierarchy of needs" is such good stuff)…and the book has such good material for people that are able to do that. I love it and am blown away by the author's ability to write/consolidate thoughts and materials in such a cohesive way!!!

— Sarah Mays-Sutor

I am always eager to read and digest a new book that helps me think differently and realize the positives in my life. The Manifester’s Playbook is a comprehensive guide to creating the life you want with recommended steps and tools to follow. I loved the author’s insight and bravery in sharing parts of her life and personal learnings with the reader. This book introduced me to new concepts and rituals that personally helped put me on the path for self-healing and self-love, which have been difficult for me at times. I found just writing some of the suggestions down has helped me throughout the day and reminds me of what’s important. Julie’s writing style is motivational, hopeful and positive and encouraged me to seek a new approach, one I hope that I continue.

— Angie Maddox

The Manifester’s Playbook is exactly what I needed right now. It’s a fantastic reminder that we can all create the life of our dreams by looking within and being fully aware of the incredible power of our thoughts—good and bad. Julie Heaton’s conversational and empathetic writing style drew me in immediately. I read the entire book in one sitting, taking notes and highlighting what really spoke to me. Each chapter offers really helpful and actionable takeaways that I found very encouraging and extremely doable. Her willingness to show vulnerability with anecdotes from her own life as part of her manifesting journey made me laugh, cry, and feel like I’ve just made a new friend. I highly recommend this easy-to-consume, yet incredibly powerful playbook. For anyone eager to feel more in control and make positive, long-term changes in their life, this is the book for you! I’m planning to buy several copies to share with friends and family.

— Julie Smith-Taylor

I have always had an innate feeling things work out better in my life when I actively think positively about the outcome; turns out, maybe there was something to all of the positive thinking! The Manifester's Playbook is an enjoyable and easy read full of positive tips and tricks I can begin applying to my life immediately. In a world that can seem overwhelmingly out of control, the tools in this book help me feel empowered to restore order to my life in many ways.

— Chanel Mullins