Intuitive Guide

You have the native knowledge to heal yourself. You were born with it, and it’s always available to you. We all have many pieces and parts that make the whole. From the groceries we purchase to the underwear we wear, from our guts to our sexuality, it’s all part of the puzzle that makes up the whole of our life.

If you’re ready to embark on your healing path, having an intuitive guide is an essential tool. Sometimes the fear of the unknown or of our personal power keeps us playing small. Recognizing patterns and old stories that we play on repeat can easily go unnoticed without a witness to them. I’m here to guide you through, around, or over your blind spots and life’s hurdles.

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Certified Health Coach

Together, we’ll explore the physical, spiritual, and emotional elements of your current life. Next, we’ll create a comprehensive vision and plan for your next chapter. You’ll learn how to use your thoughts and feelings to manifest with intention.

I’ll hold your hand and tell you you’re terrific. I’ll also be candid and ask you to step up and do hard things. Finally, I’ll use all the skills and knowledge I have at my disposal to help you shine your light as bright as the sun.

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