Here to Love

I discovered my passion for writing after I left my career as a successful corporate executive. I quit without a solid plan, but with heartfelt trust the Universe would help me sort it out. My primary mission was to pursue my authentic self and live my best life.

After many lessons and false starts, I’ve uncovered my passion and purpose: inspiring joy and encouraging kindness, self-validation, and love.

On my journey, I became a Reiki master and a certified health coach emphasizing gut health. I’ve created my path to whole body and soul wellness. I hope to inspire others on their journey with The Manifester’s Playbook and enforce positive messages for kids and their grown-ups with the Fabulous Three book series.

And I’m here to spread love.

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Hear What People Have To Say

Julie is a unique coach and developer of people; no one walks away without learning something about themselves that makes them stronger. She has an innate ability to identify and shine a light on the gifts and talents in others. Julie has personally and professionally been coaching me over the past 15 years; her ability to listen, understand, and connect with who I am has propelled me into operating in the fullness of my talents. I am stronger, more confident, and empowered in all areas of my life due to her commitment to the attention of who I uniquely am.

— Nicole Schreuder

Learning and Development Manager

Julie is a very powerful person, and that carries over into her passion for working with others. She is very encouraging and uplifting; and I went to her several times over the years to seek her council and was never disappointed. She displays a strong desire for excellence in herself and others, but as a coach, she walks closely with you on your growth journey. I know several people who aspire to be just like her.

— Jason Orwig

Director of Technology

Caring, motivating, Intuitive, loyal.

The moment one meets Julie, one can feel her warm heart and ability to connect with people. Her gentle giggle, her smile, her witty sense of humor is such a delight. Making people feel comfortable and allowing them to speak openly is one of her gifts. She smoothly transitions those she meets from acquaintance to friend in the blink of an eye. With her strong intuition, Julie can lead people to see themselves in positive ways, in ways that maybe we have never seen about ourselves before meeting her. Julie listens to what people say, and with thought and intention, she magically gives treasures of pure perfection. Julie is a beautiful soul and has a higher level of consciousness. She is honest, and that is everything.

— Howard Kurtzman

Julie has an uncanny way of finding a hidden talent. When I first started working with Julie, I didn't know my strengths and gaps or understand how necessary this knowledge was for my overall wellbeing. Once I began cultivating my strengths, I could see more ways to use and expand my talents. Once I understood that we all couldn't be great at everything, it freed up a lot of space to explore my unique gifts.

— Jill Ann Arnold

Julie has an uncanny way of finding hidden talent, unearthing it, and discovering new ways to utilize that talent creatively and productively. When I first started working with Julie, I suppose I knew on some level what makes me special, but I had no idea how to harness those gifts and use them to further my personal and professional goals. Julie helped me articulate what I bring to the table - my unique gifts - and together we identified those strengths and the gaps that lie between them. With her help, I have been able to nurture and expand that skill-set. I am also now acutely aware of what I have to offer, which has given me the confidence and the courage to apply for jobs, make new friends and creative partners, dream big and aim high.

— Derek Purdy