Mission, Traits, and Values

My mission is to celebrate love, kindness, and the acceptance of self and others, while supporting the planet.


Full disclosure, uncovering and sharing thoughts and feelings in a loving, safe, and healing space.

Inspiring Joy

Recognizing the good in all things; sharing, loving, and deeply caring about others.


Helping fellow humans, animals, and the planet through education, time, and financial support.


Reduce waste and find quirky ways to repurpose goods.


Desire to comprehend, appreciate, grasp, and evolve with new input and guidance.


Willing to share opinions and thoughts and “do the right thing,” especially when it’s not easy.


Active listening, clarifying, and comprehending.

My BooksKids Books & My Recent Publications

Each book I write is an act of love. I wrote The Manifester's Playbook to help others create the incredible lives they deserve. It invites you to dream big, expand your possibilities and kick your limitations to the curb.

I'm writing The Adventures of the Fabulous Three series to cheer on love, kindness, and compassion. My goal is to support goodness globally and encourage love for the planet, our fellow creatures, and ourselves.

The Magic of Little Bee Photo

The Magic of Little Bee


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The Case of the Upside-Down Frown Photo

The Case of the Upside-Down Frown


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Hector The Coolest Hedgehog in Town Photo

Hector The Coolest Hedgehog in Town


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My Recent Publication

The Manifesters Playbook Photo

The Manifesters Playbook


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Articles3 Minute Reads

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Extreme Snacker

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Nutmeg Happens

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Seeking outside validation is so 2021! Photo


Seeking outside validation is so 2021!

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