People often ask me to describe Reiki to them. Reiki is pure light, love, and universal healing energy. Think of electricity running from the power grid into your home. For this analogy, the power grid is healing energy, the light switch is the Reiki practitioner, and the light is the Reiki. If you’re in the glow, you’re illuminated.

Becoming a Reiki master meant opening my own heart and asking my ego to step aside. It meant trusting, loving, and accepting myself as worthy of being seen and understood by another, laying bare and vulnerable. Reiki is a way of life, not a point in time. It’s learning to send and receive positive energy by removing the protective fortress built around your heart. For me, it was acknowledging, voicing, feeling, forgiving, and eventually releasing my old narrative.

Reiki helped me heal and gently move through the pain and shame of childhood trauma. Reiki has been monumental on my healing journey. As a result, I felt a powerful pull to become a Reiki master. My dream is to help others heal old wounds to make space for an abundance of love in their hearts and lives.

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