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The Case of the Upside Down Frown

Watch the video find out what happens when Miles the Smile Bug and the Fabulous Three teach Penny to turn her frown upside-down!

Meet the Characters!

Determined, helpful and kind. Little Bee is magic. Her best trick is pollination. She lives in a hive with her family on a big old oak tree. Her favorite things to do are pollinating and taking a nap in a poppy.

Sweet, smart and funny. Little Joe loves to laugh and play. She lives with her family and Kitty the Cat in a white house with a pond in the backyard. Her favorite days are spent running through fields and hopping fences with her best friends, the Fabulous Three.

Fierce, adventurous and a hard worker. Fred (Frederica) makes the impossible possible. She lives with her giant family in underground tunnels near Little Bee’s hive. She enjoys picnics and making sandcastles.

Curious, funny and loyal. Kitty’s superpower is kindness. She lives with Little Joe in a house next to the oak tree where Little Bee and Fred live. Kitty loves purring and climbing trees.

Cheerful, playful and wonderful. Miles is happiness. He lives inside of everyone and is always ready to show on your face. Miles loves when you’re having so much fun that you can’t help but put him on.

Shy, thoughtful and gentle. Penny loves to cuddle. She lives next door to Little Joe and Kitty with her family in a cute little yellow cottage. Her favorite thing in the world is a good belly rub.


Hear What People Have To Say


Read What People Have To Say

My girls and I love reading about the fabulous three. It’s one of our nighttime favorite reads! We love the colorful pages. Our favorite part is the snack recipes! 

— Lauryn Stapleton

I like this book because it brings joy and laughter and fun and I love it so much! And my favorite character is mostly all of them.

— Layla

Age 5

I like the big cat.

— Elliott

Age 5

I like how this book is about smiles and how smiles can make your day. I like how it rhymes and is fun to read.

— Emmeline

Age 6

Our family loves these books! The Author has a beautiful and effortless way of conveying a meaningful message in a fun and entertaining way that the whole family enjoys. The illustrations are stunning and every page has so many thoughtful details, from the diversity of characters to the healthy recipes at the end. We look forward to more books in this series!

— Caroline

Age 31