Let’s infect people with optimism, hope, and hugs.


Life is a delicate balance—a dance between what’s happening now and our ability to manifest what will happen next. This morning as I checked in to see what was true for me, I realized I was feeling troubled, upset, and anxious. The events happening around the world, the suffering, the loss, and the unknown weighs heavily on our hearts and can stir up scary thoughts in our heads.


I don’t believe we should ignore global events or hometown tragedies, but can we stay in peace and feel excited about our life with all that’s happening? What steps can we take to remain centered and focused on what we want for our lives when tremendous suffering occurs at the exact moment someplace else?


I call myself a spiritual realist. My head is in the clouds, but my feet are on the ground. We can manifest any life we think and feel we can have. But, we need to pay bills, and loss and pain are genuine in this life, more for some and less for others. So what can we do to help ourselves stay in a place of peace and surrender to love?


  1. We can meditate and check in with our higher power by silencing the noise around us and connecting to the universal energy.
  2. We can pray for peace, love, and compassion.
  3. We can help. What can you do to help somebody today? Can you give time, money, kindness, or prayers to friends and strangers?
  4. We can be grateful. Right now, list five reasons to be thankful. Here are mine:
    1. My health
    2. My capability to help others
    3. The comforting time allotted to me to write this very article
    4. My husband for his constant love and support
    5. Squirrels—they make me laugh
  5. We can do our best. What does your best look like today? Can you do something extraordinary today? What can you do today that’s an inch out of your comfort zone? When we make progress, we have the tendency to feel better.


Do your best today to spread love, joy, and peace. We all need it! Let’s pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. Today, we ride with love in our hearts and kindness on our lips. Let’s make this a better world in our area of influence by giving what we want more of: peace, love, and joy. Moods and attitudes are undeniably contagious. They spread faster than covid ever could. Let’s infect people with optimism, hope, and smiles.



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