Seeking outside validation is so 2021!


Seeking outside validation is so 2021!


As I wrote and rewrote parts of my website, fretted over shipping costs for my newly published books, and seriously resisted marketing for the past few weeks, it occurred to me that I’m afraid. I’m not scared of failing; I’m terrified of succeeding. It seems strange to say out loud, but that’s what’s happening.

I’ve been successful in my career but have always been behind the scenes. My business successes have typically been for other people’s benefit. I’ve been the wizard behind the curtain, pulling strings and making things happen, gladly letting others take a bow in front of the curtain.

Almost three years ago, I decided to follow my heart and leave the corporate life behind. It has been a crazy ride with twists, turns, growth, and development. My heart has expanded, and my life’s purpose is now focused. I’ve written books, been certified in several fields, and created a website for my new business. So why am I stalling the launch?

The truth is that I’m uncomfortable with being center stage, and I’m nervous. It’s a departure from the “normal.” Although I’ve always embraced change, this is terrifying. It feels like the time I tried to roller skate as an adult. Although it was thrilling, it also felt like I could end up in the hospital around each bumpy turn!

The answer came to me this morning during an intense breathwork session. I’ve lived my life caring what people think of me, seeking validation, and this is a significant departure from that. I have to leave all of that behind and PLAY BIG to walk this path. The bottom line is: do I want to live my best life or continue seeking outside validation?

Here’s my answer. PLAY BIG! We all owe it to ourselves and one another to shine our light as bright as we can, to light the way for others. It’s our universal obligation. All of us were bestowed physical bodies and time on earth for a reason. Here’s my promise to show you mine. Would you dare to show me yours? Then, we can hold hands and take the journey to self-love and total acceptance together. We don’t need outside validation. That’s so 2021!



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