Fear or faith


What’s your highest belief right now in this moment? We’ve all heard our only limits are the ones we place on ourselves. That’s true. What’s also true is we can only reach as high as we can believe we can. Like a fingerprint, every individual has their very own belief system and perceptions of the world around them.


Faith increases our belief system, and fear is a prison, trapping us in our worries and doubts. Fear keeps us confined and limited to a life of anxiety. When we’re locked in fear, it’s hard to see what’s beyond our custom-built prison walls. Last night, I accidentally locked myself up with doubt and kept myself awake with worry. I created a worst-case scenario and rode that train all night long.


I wrote a book with tips and tools to overcome these mental challenges, yet here I was, falling down the rabbit hole, sieged with self-doubt and feeling like a fraud for handing out tips and tools to other people when I wasn’t using them myself! The truth is, until we evolve past them, we’re going to have “moments.” The trick is to climb out of the rabbit hole as quickly as possible.


This morning, I quieted my mind with meditation and went back to the basics. What could I believe right now at this moment? Not what was on my vision board or what I believed on Tuesday! At that very moment, I felt safe, loved, gratitude to have a roof over my head, and I was snuggled up in a warm blanket. I was physically comfortable, and I have a husband who loves me. So, this morning, the leap from doom and gloom to I’m safe and happy right at this moment was my highest belief, and that’s okay.


Our world is complicated, and our minds are a universal force. The way we think creates the way we feel, and the way we feel is everything. I feel content, and I can focus on my day from a positive place. Now that I’ve freed myself from the fear of failure, I have room to succeed. My mind has room to dream again. When caught in a loop of worst-case scenarios, a best practice is to breathe in deeply and ask yourself what you can believe right now in this instant.  


When you feel grounded again, increase your beliefs—go back to planning your dream vacation, your next accomplishment, or finding the love of your life. Keep raising the bar for yourself; keep pushing your limits. If you’re in a rut and can’t get yourself out of the slump, phone a friend who offers sound advice or work with a guide or therapist. We all need assistance sometimes. It’s intelligent and brave to seek support when you need a little reminder.


Sometimes, it is easy, and sometimes, it’s not. Easy isn’t the measuring stick. Are you getting up every morning seeking your highest belief, the best version of yourself? What does your best life look like today, tomorrow, and six months from now? Can you keep pushing your limits?



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