Why a Vision Board?


Why a vision board? Sounds corny and dated, right? It might be both of those things, but if it works, then why not a vision board? A thought-out vision board can be a powerful and fun tool in your manifesting toolbox. This article details 12 easy-to-follow steps for creating an impactful vision board that really works.

The purpose of a vision board is to aid in visualizing your intentions. Once you can articulate what you want, you're able to daydream and fantasize about the outcome. This helps raise your vibration and lets the Universe know you're ready for this blessing. Vision boards help align your intentions with your vibrations. The trick to manifesting is to feel like you have whatever you want already, and visualizing can help.

Step 1 - You'll need to discover for yourself what you truly want. I find an understanding of my heart's desire through meditation, but you should do what works best for you. Make sure your intentions are pure, and do no harm to others.

Step 2 - Once you have your intentions, gather supplies. I like using magazines and cards I've received. You can use grocery stores’ free magazines or save advertisements you receive and cards people give you. You can buy the rest if you feel you need more. Find a corkboard that appeals to you. You'll need scissors, pushpins, and any other visual representations you think will help you get in touch with your desires.

Step 3 - Place your intentions in front of you as you flip through the magazines. Cut out any pictures or words that match your list of intentions. I cut out everything roughly; I'll trim it down and make it look nice later. Before you cut, look on the other side of the page to make sure you aren't missing something you like better. You can build sayings or sentences from different sections or different magazines. For example, you can find "wonderful" in one article and "life" in another magazine.

Step 4 - Start laying out your board. I don't pin until it’s the way I like it. Only then will I trim the pieces and pin them where I want them. Get creative, and have fun. I've had vision boards with money, a million-dollar check, house keys, and various objects. I also like an assortment of textures on my boards.

Step 5 - Be brutally honest with yourself. Can you feel you already have XYZ in your life? Will you be able to daydream and believe what you've laid out? If you have anything on your board that doesn't align with your current beliefs, take it off now and replace it with something that aligns. If your inner voice says, "This isn't possible." "How would I get the money for this?" "Am I supposed to quit my job or something?" Stop yourself, take a minute, and see if you can feel what it would be like to achieve this vision. If you can't feel it at this point and time, that's okay. Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself what's possible. Vision boards aren't one and done. Find something you can try on right now that feels good.

Step 6 - Don't compare your dream with anyone else. The correct answer is what's in your own heart.

Step 7 - Find a place to hang the board where you'll see it several times a day. My board has been on the wall leading to the garage, on my altar, and next to my computer.

Step 8 - Create time in your day to study it and daydream. One of my vision boards had my idea of the perfect house. The board had various details ranging from how I felt when I walked in the door to driving through the town. The board displayed comfort and how inviting it was for my family and friends. I had a set of keys hanging on the board, and I would feel what it felt like to pull in the driveway, walk in the kitchen, and plunk my keys down on the counter. I would think about the sound of the birds, the view, and the cool breeze. I did this several times a day, and I got that house!

Step 9 - Go for it! Play around, and have fun imagining your life as you wish it were. Do whatever it is (legally and with kindness) to feel you have what you want right now. Be a daydreamer. Enjoy the process!

Step 10 - Keep your vibration high. Do your best with what you have right now. Give thanks for everything—waking up in the morning, having a roof over your head, food in your belly, and so on. Being thankful and dreaming is a winning combination!

Step 11 - Thank the Universe for always protecting and looking out for you. Ask your angels and spirit guides to help align all the events that need to unfold for your dreams to come true. Then ask for this outcome or something better (meaning what's the highest good for all involved). We can only see a tiny sliver of life, but the Universe knows all.

Step 12 - Let go, and enjoy your life. This step is hard, but you must let the Universe work in its own time. Things are happening behind the scenes on your behalf. Keep focused on feeling your dreams come true and on doing your best with what you have right now. It's all happening for you!

That's it in a nutshell; I hope this helps you manifest the life you deserve. Check out my book, The Manifester's Playbook, for more tips, tricks, and tools for creating your best life.



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