Nutmeg Happens


The other day, I made a huge pot of green goddess soup. It had everything I bought from the farmers’ market in it: broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, ginger, garlic, spinach, thyme, and several expensive bags of organic bone broth. This soup was a masterpiece, and I was excited to share it with my friends.

I first had this soup at a reiki retreat and have been recreating it since then. Each time, I change it up, mostly on accident. But on this day, I was distracted and trying to multitask. I had just blended all the ingredients, added a little coconut milk, salt, and pepper...and then literally poured in nutmeg.

I don’t know how much you know about nutmeg, but a little goes a long way. As a side note, it can also be hallucinogenic and make you sick if used in high doses! Luckily, I tasted the soup before I served it and drugged my friends. Unfortunately, it tasted like I squirted a shot of dish soap in my gross.

I had to dump the soup and serve leftovers that night. I’m telling this story because I’m a recovering perfectionist who has been terrifically hard on myself in the past. A few years ago, having my friends over for an evening and serving leftovers would have been devastating to me! Although I wasn’t thrilled about wasting that fantastic food, I now have a tremendous amount of compassion for myself.

It’s taken time and dedication, but I’ve turned a corner in my life. I love myself and can laugh off mishaps and enjoy the moment. Life is more fun this way. I think I was addicted to beating myself up when I did something well; it wasn’t good enough. These days, I look for the good and congratulate myself on a job well done...even when I’ve almost accidentally poisoned my friends, I can find the humor.

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