Mirror, mirror on the wall, how do we stop judging once and for all?

Judgment is a reflection; it’s like looking in the mirror. What we think about someone else gives us a peek at what we believe about ourselves. We tend to judge what we don't understand or appreciate about ourselves.

The next time you find yourself wondering, “Did she forget to look in a mirror this morning,” or “Are they really going to let that kid do that,” or “Why on God’s green earth would they XYZ,” stop and ask yourself why you have an opinion on the matter.

The good news is, the first step is recognition, so you’re already on the road to judgment recovery! When you recognize you’re feeling superior in a situation, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What about this bothers me?
  • What do I recognize in myself?
  • What wound needs healing?
  • What is my ego trying to protect?

When something is bothering you, it’s ALWAYS about you. Have compassion for yourself and realize it’s human nature to divert our attention from uncomfortable situations. At each opportunity, lovingly ask yourself the questions above until you receive clarification. Once you understand the “what,” you can work on healing that piece of you, which will then hold compassion instead of judgment when confronted with the same situation.

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