Happiness is fleeting. JOY is evergreen!


I was reminded by a colleague yesterday that the Journey is everything. It isn’t when we get “there” or have “that” thing. Joy can be present en route. I was complaining about the difficulties I was having setting up the backend of my business. He reminded me what I was viewing as frustration was indeed a gift. I’m lucky to be setting up a business. I’ll run into things I don’t understand, but I have the advantage of figuring them out.


I’m growing, learning, and becoming a more balanced and well-rounded person because of my experiences, not despite them. When I was younger, I used to think when I solved a problem, and I could then live my life. Then, almost immediately, another “problem” would appear. I didn’t understand those things weren’t the problem. My point of view was the problem.  


When “challenges” arise, we can grow and learn or get frustrated and resist. The decision is ours. If we’re holding out and waiting to be happy once we have this or that, then our happiness is based on a point in time. It’s not consistent or sustainable. Happiness is fleeting. Have you ever wanted something—a new sweater, a car, or a job—and were so happy when you got it? But within a few weeks, your new car didn’t feel as exciting or showing up to your new job felt like more of a chore.


Your happiness is a goal. If I get that, then I can be happy. But goals come, and they go; they aren’t permanent. Life is a series of events that unfold and morph into whatever we make them. We get to decide if something appears as an obstacle in our path or it’s just part of the path.


The “problems” and the “obstacles” are the journeys. Can we change our point of view and enjoy the process? Finding joy in the doing, in the uncertain, and in things that seem hard is the key. I was reminded yesterday by an angel in the form of a colleague. Surround yourself with angels, people who remind you of the good in you and life. We all can quickly get stuck in a loop of despair, self-doubt, and worry. Sometimes, we just need a little guidance, a word, or a push in the right direction.



As I wrote this, I thought about all the people fleeing their countries and seeking a safe haven. This article won’t be helpful to anyone who doesn’t have their basic needs for food, shelter, and safety met. But, those who are lucky enough to have those essentials covered can help those who don’t. We can send prayers, money, or volunteer. In helping others, we help ourselves. 

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