Gossip - Talk or rumors involving the personal lives of other people

Whether we're giving it or receiving it, if we're participating, we're gossiping. Although most of us have enjoyed a spicy bit of gossip here and there, what's the harm?

Bad news: gossip is generally hurtful. Unconfirmed stories about someone else are rumors that aren't our business, and we know it. However, if you find yourself participating in a story about someone else, consider this: how would you feel if your conversation was recorded and then uploaded on social media? If you can't shine a light on it, it's probably not good for you or others.

Engaging, watching, or listening to negativity can impact your upward trajectory. If you find yourself upset and joining in gossip or complaints when you're around a particular person or group, it might be time to switch it up. Consider how you feel before, during, and after gossiping.

If you have friends who like gossip, maybe you can work together to find new ways to enjoy each other. If some people in your life have a hard time breaking the habit, you might point out when it's happening or don't respond to any negativity. People generally get the hint when you don't join in negative conversations or change the topic.

In extreme cases, you might need to choose different friends to gain clarity. Only you can decide what's right for you. Do your best to stay focused on growth and love.

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