Boundaries are a good thing!

Why do we need boundaries? Boundaries can create space for you to blossom. Have you ever been on a trail in a nature preserve where part of the path is sectioned off with a sign that says, “Do not enter, rehabilitation in progress”? The rangers closed this part of the trail to trampling feet and loud voices so the habitat could revive and thrive without outside influences or disruptions.

This theory is the same for your heart and soul. You need the freedom to grow, thrive, and rehabilitate. When you're working on raising your vibration and changing your life, you need fertile ground. Protecting your space is an act of self-love.

Boundaries can be anything from not sharing in gossip to only visiting with positive people. You get to decide what you need to curate the life you desire. What space will you require to manifest your dreams? Do what feels right in your heart and be compassionate. The people around you might be afraid of the changes in you. Just like a cheerleader's pyramid, if you begin to shift, the whole dynamic must change, or it will tumble down. The people around you might not be ready to change with you, and that can feel scary.

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